Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First new original song has begun

I have a list of about 25 songs that I would like to do this year. For some reason the very last one on the list called out to me today and so that is where I began. I find that I work much better if I have five songs in rotation at a time. If I get stuck or lose my inspiration on one song, I always have another one to work on. My first priority is the collaboration with Curt Smith, but it's nice to know there are several songs in motion.

These songs have been floating around in my head for years- and some of them have even made it to various stages of recording, but they've never been given the attention they needed to be fully realized. This is finally about to change.

I'm excited to be working on original material this year and I'm curious to see where the music goes now that I am working on my own, without the guidance of fleshed out (and genius!) music as prompts. The melody is now free to go where it pleases...