Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Independent Music Awards 2013

I just received an email this morning that The Smiths Project was nominated for this year's Best Tribute Album in the Independent Music Awards 2013. This is a huge honor! I had no idea it was even under consideration so it came as a complete surprise. The best part for me is that Tom Waits is one of the judges. I'm constantly in awe of his music and greatly inspired by his experimental approach to music. A definite item on my bucket list is to play one of the musical instruments he invented. The idea that my music might pass his ears is already a win in my book!

The awards are decided by a distinguished panel of judges, but you can participate by voting 5 stars for the "Fan Favorites" Awards. Click click click!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Margaret Dale

This morning, I read the MorrisseysMum tweet, "RIP MD" and started to cry.  I immediately understood it as Rest In Peace Margaret Dale.  I went to her Facebook wall page and saw it was true. I'm currently a mixture of sadness for myself and relief for her. She confided in me her thoughts on life and death quite often and I know in my heart that she is at peace now.

Margaret was the first person to email me once I started The Smiths Project and she was a constant help to me in any way she could. Her and I became fast friends and I consider her friendship to be one of the great things that came out of that project.   Ever the die-hard Smiths fan, she sent me lists of Smiths songs *in the order by date written* and told me THAT'S the order I should post my versions. She's the one who made youtube videos of all 71 Smiths Project songs and uploaded them. She was my proofreader.  She asked me constantly if there were ways she could help with computer "grunt work" for marketing and promotion. I worried that I'd asked too much of her but she continued to ask for more things to do and said it made her feel better.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without her in those days when I was singing  ten hours a day and stressing out the other fourteen. 

When she came to San Jose, my son and I met her for dinner. My 4 year old kept confusing the name Margaret with Morrissey, and I'll never forget her amused smile every time he said, "Hey Morrissey!" and babbled something at her.

She loved animals more than people and she dedicated her life to helping them. She was a hero to them and to me. She helped me through the last few months of my cat Marzi's battle with cancer, for which I will always be grateful.

But mostly, Margaret Dale loved Morrissey with all of her heart. She lived for Morrissey. When she heard Moz had been sighted in LA, she dropped everything and drove 4 hours, straight to The Cat and Fiddle, and just waited.   Morrissey did not disappoint. She said he was kind and made all her nervousness disappear. I'll never forget her text messages after meeting him, so excited and full of joy. It was quite literally, the moment she had waited for her whole life.  The next day, I dedicated this Smiths Project song to her:
Thursday, September 9, 2010
Is It Really So Strange?

I will dedicate this song to Miss Dale who was supposed to go north, but traveled south again... and ended up meeting Morrissey last night- a lifelong dream of hers. Thank you for all your support of my project! -------------------------------------------------------------------------

I feel privileged to have watched her opening her heart to new friends, loves and passions over the past few years. She lived her life the way she wanted, with deep love, ambition, understanding, compassion and truth, and without fear.

Rest well, Margaret. I will miss you the rest of my days.