Friday, June 8, 2012

Current projects

As of the wee hours of the morning today, my version of Duran Duran's "We Need You" requested by the man himself, Simon Le Bon!! is really starting to come together. This song is EPIC, you guys.

Having the chance to record 2 hours worth of new material to work with yesterday (courtesy of my son being content to quietly draw pictures while I recorded), the missing pieces of the arrangement have fallen into place. Everything is where I want it, but now the "clean up" begins.

Clean up means I go through every layer and take out breaths, coughs, & neighbor's mariachi music, then I EQ/pan the whole song to add space and clarity. With 50 layers of voice competing for the same frequency range, EQ is a critical step. Once it's all cleaned up I can do more mixing add a little flare with drum fills, and fun little extras.

Lots of hours to go, but I'm really excited to show it to you. My god, last night I was literally jumping for joy when all the pieces came together.

Here is Duran Duran's We Need You:

One of the kickstarter rewards for Patchwork Life at the "Producer" level was a cover song of their choice. I'm thrilled to say two people took me up on it and I'm now working on Memories Fade by Tears For Fears for Rebekah Soboski, and Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty for Arielle Roberts. So far, I'm just getting the basic structure down but the style is starting to take shape. I've had months to mull them over in my head while Patchwork Life was in its final stages of manufacturing and being shipped out. I have great things planned for these songs!

I want to thank Arielle for giving me an excuse to sing "Oh my my, oh hell yes, honey put on that party dress" Super sexy.

And yes, I HAVE noticed this is my second Tears for Fears cover request off The Hurting album. I do believe people are trying to tell me something. :) Here's a wonderful live version of Memories Fade. Look how cute those boys are!

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