Monday, August 6, 2012

Tears For Fears

Just had an amazing time at two Tears For Fears shows! They are truly an amazing band and I feel so honored to be able to see Curt Smith when ever they are touring. (If you haven't heard our song together, check out Trees off his Mayfield album right now!) He is quite possibly the nicest human being on the planet! Here are a few shots of the past few days. One of which makes me blush every time I see it. You'll never guess which one.

My personal goal as I contemplate my live performances is to someday be worthy of opening for TFF. Even if that particular opportunity never happens, it's positive energy in the right direction. If there's something I've learned well over the past few years, it's this: if you concentrate on a worthy goal, and put in the hard work for it, good things will happen. They might be unexpected good things out of left field, but they will happen. Guaranteed.

Yay, Curt!

Our docs are here:

Curt and Janice, sitting in a tree...

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