Sunday, March 25, 2012

Calling all Psych-Os and fans of James Roday & Tears For Fears!

I need your help putting my duet with James Roday on my new album. This is a 10-day kickstarter to fund the licensing of the Tears For Fears cover song Ideas As Opiates that James Roday and I created as a gift for Curt Smith. Curt so very graciously granted me permission to put it on my new album, so please check it out! You can even listen to the song on the kickstarter page!

Do it to support DIY musicians. Do it for super-creative projects. Do it for the love of Curt Smith. Do it because James Roday wants you to. Do it for baby porcupines.


Here is the latest embroidered art piece for the album, an embroidered ProTools session:

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