Monday, April 23, 2012

Patchwork Life Pre-Order Starts Today

To pre-order, click the buy link above and select Digital or Eco-Friendly CD Wallet from the Pre-Order page. Bandcamp will give you these five songs right now and the rest on May 24th. Physical CDs also ship May 24th.

Today starts the official pre-order for Patchwork Life. I'm so excited to share it with everyone. It's been over a year in the making and I'm so happy with how it has turned out. Most every track was composed with nothing but my voice as the sound source, although I did branch out a little and use a few other samples like piano and drum stick clicks present in the song below called Megalodon.

Many of these songs were ideas that have been floating around in my head for years, some actually have previous recording attempts but were never completed. As with The Smiths Project, I started with the recorded track or musical seeds that I had, and began building off of them. After a few layers of voice, I turn off the original recording so that the real creative process can begin. Each layer of vocals adds a new twits to the recording and takes it further down a path that I could not have imagined. It's really interesting to me to listen to the music take shape because, even in it's most thought out form, it always ends up somewhere new. It's a very organic process, building upon each previous thought until I have something that I feel is done.

There is a general pattern to the songwriting process where I start out very enthusiastic for a few days, get lost in the wilderness for months, and then suddenly the path is found and I realize I'm in my own back yard. There is always a moment where I know the song is done. It's not anything I can put my finger on, I just work on a song until I get that "it's done!" feeling.

Last year, I was able to create 71 songs in one year because I had the luxury of childcare, this year was a different story. The entire album was created while watching my 5 year old. Comparing the process of completing the 71 songs last year to the new songs of Patchwork Life, I'd have to say these 12 songs were much more difficult. The stress of completing songs on a deadline is very different than the stress of not being able to work on the songs. The music was recorded in the wee hours of the morning and the editing/arranging took place at the dining room table, on the front porch, on the couch, where ever I could edit and keep an eye on my son. Honestly, the thing I am most proud of about these new songs is that they got finished at all.

The music is a little bit more experimental and polished than The Smiths Project, although I'd argue that much of it is very similar to last year's work, just with new melodies that you've never heard before. With The Smiths Project, I think I was able to bring people into a more experimental genre than what they would normally listen to, but the familiar melodies were there to ease the shy into the experience. With Patchwork Life, there are no familiar melodies to cling to and I feel there is a little bit more of a leap of faith people need to take in order to give the music a listen. I have faith that these songs can and will grow on even the least experimental of listeners. I have already received great reviews from the kickstarter backers who received advanced copies of the music. I know there is nothing like it. It is filled with true emotions and my passion for music. The strong melodies will take your imagination to new places. Walk around for a bit and soak in the landscape.


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