Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Housewarming gift for Red Dog Squadron

I was talking with fans of the show Psych on twitter about Red Dog Squadron, Brad Raider and James Roday's theater company in LA (James and the cast of Psych are always so supportive in sharing my music with Psych-os!). RDS recently bought the historic El Centro Theater, they've gone back to its original name, The Circle Theater, and are currently having it renovated. I wondered if anyone had plans to do a "housewarming" gift for the new theater. Everyone jumped at the chance to do something, and here's what we came up with:

Send a small handwritten note of congratulations, (just 2-3 inches like a business card, so there's room for everyone!) I will collect them over the next few months.

No deadline yet. Once RDS announces the re-opening, I'll let you know of the deadline and then I'll get a few Psych fans to affix the notes on a poster that we can send to RDS.

Be as creative as you want with your note! Any kind of paper is fine, just keep in mind the poster might be rolled into a poster tube and/or framed so rigid/textured paper or objects glued on paper might not work well.

Send you note to:
Janice Whaley
P.O. Box 51405
San Jose, CA 95121

I volunteered my po box so that you could post it anywhere you want without worrying about sending out a fan's actual mailing address. Feel free to share this post!

I love watching people come together in a positive way. I'm a big fan of theater and the sense of community that surrounds the art form so am thrilled to be a part of sending some positive juju to RDS, a deserving group of people who are doing great things to strengthen and build up the LA theater community.

XO Janice

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