Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 In Review

What a year 2012 was! As with every year since I started doing music again, each has brought so many musical joys, challenges, and plot twists. My continued advice for the new year is to go out of your way to spend time on something you love. Good things will happen.


This year started with a present for Tears For Fears co-founder Curt Smith's birthday. James Roday (from the TV show Psych) and I spent several months on the cover of Ideas As Opiates and in late January, James flew up to San Jose so that we could record at the Grammy Award Winning a cappella producer Bill Hare's studio. The song turned out fantastic and, for me, it's jam-packed with fuzzy warm feelings and appreciation for Curt and James, and also the faint scent of bananas...??
Listen to it here:

Ideas As Opiates was also chosen by my PR guru as the single off Patchwork Life and has been played on various radio stations across the US. My cousin heard it playing in a Hilton a few months back. Crazy.


This year I also released Patchwork Life, my first album of original music. I still can't believe that I managed to make it happen while parenting a 5 year old full time. And I have the amazing Ryan Coseboom of Stripmall Architecture to thank for all his help in mixing and mastering it. What a job that was. The album was mixed via the internet, with each change emailed to me for listening/comments. Ryan is a SAINT.

I also created my first real music video using the most Macgyver setup on earth: projector made from a cell phone and magnifying glass.


Artist In Music Awards 2013
ONE MONTH LEFT TO VOTE! Thank you for helping me make it to the top five in both categories for the Artist In Music Awards which means I'm now also eligible for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year awards. The awards take place Feb 7th and I still need your votes to help me win! Please vote for me as often as you can in both categories:
-- Best Singer/Songwriter
-- Best Adult Contemporary Artist

Contemporary A Capella Awards
Patchwork Life album, Ideas As Opiates, and We Need are in the running for the 2013 Contemporary A Capella Awards as well. It's an honor to be along side some major a capella artists!


I had the pleasure of creating a Duran Duran cover of We Need You requested by Simon Le Bon. After finishing the song, Simon gave me backstage passes to give the song to him and meet the band. What a very cool night that was! On Simon Le Bon's birthday, he sent me a message saying that he loved it and that it was "probably the best cover of a DD song ever" (gold star for me!). I released it on his birthday and you can hear the song here:


This year I'll be finishing the Smiths Project vinyl and We Need You flexi-vinyl for the kickstarter backers. The albums will be available on Record Store Day 2013 in Bay Area record stores.

New Covers
I'm still working on a few new covers that were requests from kickstarter backers. If only I had the amount of time I had in 2010 to work on music! Things may be moving at a slower speed these days, but they will get done and they will be awesome. :)

I am working on piano & vocal versions of the entire Patchwork Life album for live performance. I'm getting my gear together and will be attempting to dip my toes in the live performance waters this year.

The Voice
Who knows what will happen with this, but I'm auditioning for The Voice in February. If I happen to make it on TV... vote for me?

Prepared Piano
After being totally inspired by the outdoor public prepared piano in Joshua Tree on new Years, I've decided that I'm going to start sticking bits of plastic, rubber, nails, screws, etc into The Fireplace Piano and make some recordings. Get ready!

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